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A large offer of webmail


Lizzam : the light Webmail

  • This solution offers simple interfaces with core functionality.
  • As the navigation is really intuitive, this interface could be proposed for specific users like chlidren for example.

As products or as a service

  • Our solutions can be delivered as products which will be installed in corporate server inside offices or outsourced. Once installed, the product provide administration interfaces which allows to manage the email solution easily.
  • In this case, our infogerance team can managed the corporate email solution on line to reduce the internal time consumption..
  • If the corporate don't have its own server, we can provide emails solutions for them as on line services. Configure for the corporate, we manage all the emails services. reports are provided to give to the corporate all information about the usage of the platform.


Our customers are our best ambassadors of our products around the world. Italy : "We are using your products and we like it";